Pen spinning sonic tutorial
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pen spinning sonic tutorial

Let's start with the easiest one, it is a bit different from sonic. Sonic got 1x revolution and Twisted Sonic got 1.5 revolution. Maybe, it will be hard to learn. Product Description... 5097 V15 Non Slip Coated 22cm Spinning Pen The base body is 7.5", and.
Pen Spinning Tricks. Push forward with your middle finger and the pen should spin around your thumb. 3) A sonic starts the same way as the 23-charge trick 4/07/2018В В· How to Make a BICtory Pen Mod for Pen Spinning. Pen spinning, according to Wikipedia, is a form of "object manipulation" where one uses a pen, pencil, or other

pen spinning sonic tutorial

5/09/2005В В· I've seen some clips with pen spinning tricks, and they were A sonic is when the pen does a complete 360 and "transfers" between fingers.. Pen Spinning Fundamental Tricks Pen Spinning Zone - Pen Spinning Tutorials and Guides. Pen Spinning Tutorials and Guides, here is the Twisted Sonic video tutorial..
“Pen Tricks Pen Spin #1 Tutorial Doovi”.
What this means is that there are a lot of excellent pen spinning tutorials on Sonic: A pass between two (I'm assuming "spin a pen between my fingers" is.
pen spinning sonic tutorial

17/05/2009В В· I just recently learned how to spin a pen around my thumb in reverse so I thought I Pen Tricks - Thumb Spinning, Forward and and Happy Spinning. Product Description... 5097 V15 Non Slip Coated 22cm Spinning Pen The base body is 7.5", and. In this one I show you how to do the pen spinning trick known as the SONIC!! ----- Drop a Like if you enjoyed this shit Hit subscribe because hot damn.
This site has required a great deal of money, time and effort to develop and maintain. If it's been useful to you then you can support this site by making a small A single trick in pen spinning might be balancing the pen on one's thumb as it spins several times, Sonic. The Sonic is a very common trick.

pen spinning sonic tutorial

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